EuroTank Nord uses the main quality control instruments such as vernier calipers and ultrasonic thickness gauges. It is also able to perform pressure tightness tests on the pieces produced.


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Quality Control

Upon customer request, we can provide quality control sheets to be attached to the delivered products.

An adhesive bar code label is applied to each piece produced which allows traceability and we also always provide final certification of the checks carried out.


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100% Made in Italy

Made of monocoque polyethylene and internally foamed in compliance with CE standards, H2O is unsinkable.


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100% Recyclable

All the materials used in the construction of H2O are 100% recyclable.


How does it work
3-Layers Ultra Light?

H2O is the only pedal boat in Europe produced with the “3-Layers Ultra Light” technology, which thanks to the 3 layers of polyethylene gives the product exceptional strength and stiffness combined with surprising lightness.

Due to its stiffness and strength characteristics, H2O’s “3-Layers Ultra Light” polyethylene has exceptional impact and abrasion resistance.

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